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Comoros & Mayotte Hotels and Resorts

Comoros & Mayotte - The Comoros islands are wrapped in a fragrant blend of ylang-ylang oil, Arabic aesthetics, African warmth and French chic. There are cobblestoned medinas with higgledy-piggledy lanes and old world charm; ports bristling with white sailed dhows; tropical moons rising over white beaches; the sun setting over the ocean in a riot of reds and oranges; and a colourful history of sultans and soothsayers, plantantion owners and eloping princesses.

Comoros & Mayotte Hotels and Resorts
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Top Comoros & Mayotte Hotels & Resorts
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Hotel Itsandra Comoros & Mayotte
Moroni, Comoros & Mayotte

Le Caribou Hotel Comoros & Mayotte
Mamoudzou, Comoros & Mayotte