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Hudhuranfushi Island Resort North Male Atoll Maldives
North Male Atoll, Maldives
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Travelling to the Maldives has always been a dream of mine; my partner was never interested in going on holiday to the Maldives, he always said he would be bored and lying on the beach was not something he could ever see himself doing. After four years of persistent pestering I manage to persuade my partner to book the holiday, we travelled to the Maldives for the first time in august 2001. We stayed at the Maldives Island Lohifushi Island Resort which was renamed in November 2006 to Hudhuranfushi under new ownership of the company named Adaaran. We flow to the Maldives Islands with Monarch airlines, on approaching the Maldives the pilot banked the plan left and for the first time I had a glimpse of the islands. Wow, it was like a cluster of gems dropped into the Indian Ocean, the turquoise colours were breath taking and every one on the plane went silent with the amazing views.

Hudhuranfushi means "Island of White Gold" it is one of the largest of the Maldives Islands with fantastic soft white sand's, surrounded by the warm crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean. This making Hudhuranfushi or any of the Maldives Islands a favourite to sun seeking worshippers and for those who love to explore under the water. The Island is covered with a lush green landscape which is well looked after night and day, ideal for walking and taking in the wildlife.

One of the many things I love about Hudhuranfushi is the ability to walk anywhere you want to on the island, what I mean is on some of the Maldives islands we have visited you have to stick to a path i.e. a walkway. With Hudhuranfushi you get the real Robinson Crusoe feeling that you are in paradise, not the commercial driven effect that some of the other Maldives islands will give you. We have been to Hudhuranfushi three times and people we have met who have also been to other islands in the Maldives have also found this same situation and this is why they also are frequent visitors of Hudhuranfushi.

Hudhuranfushi Island Resort North Male Atoll Maldives

What's new at Hudhuranfushi?

The new owners of Hudhuranfushi have made some great changes to the Maldives Island, not only have they completely refurbished the beach villas, they also have:

  • Built a new Hudhuranfushi wind surfing school on the Island Resort
  • Built a new Hudhuranfushi Spa at the Maldives Island Resort
  • Painted interior and exterior of the Hudhuranfushi Diving School
  • Painted interior and exterior, renewed the floors and thatched the roofs of Hudhuranfushi's Main Buildings
Hudhuranfushi Island Resort North Male Atoll Maldives
Hudhuranfushi Island Resort North Male Atoll Maldives
Hudhuranfushi Island Resort North Male Atoll Maldives


Hudhuranfushi's facilities consist of :
  • 137 Maldives Beach Villas
  • 24 Hour Hudhuranfushi room service
  • Safety deposit boxes
  • 3 Restaurants
  • 3 Bars
  • Disco/Nightclub
  • 2 Pools
  • Main pool & Children's pool
  • Pool shower
  • Hudhuranfushi Pool/Beach towels
  • Children's play area
  • PADI certificate Scuba diving school
  • Snorkelling
  • Surfing
  • Windsurfing
  • Catamaran sailing
  • Spa
  • Gymnasium
  • Tennis & Squash courts
  • Volley ball
  • Internet room
  • Television room
  • Maldives Gift shops
  • Big game fishing


Hudhuranfushi offers a choice of three restaurants and three bars:

The Banyan restaurant is the main restaurant on the Maldives Island Hudhuranfushi's where you can have Breakfast, Lunch and Serving buffet style with themed meals in the evening, Maldives & international.

The Italian restaurant on Hudhuranfushi's serves Lunch or Evening meals (I have never used this restaurant so really can not comment).

The Sunset restaurant serves tea/coffee, cakes, sandwiches and other snacks in the afternoon. Only serving la carte dishes in the evening, Maldives style food & international.
With prior booking on Hudhuranfushi you can have a romantic candle light meal for two with your own waiter on the beach adjacent to your room (This is popular with newly weds).

Hudhuranfushi's Sunset bar is attached to the Sunset restaurant with a large decked area which is on stilts over the water giving a view of the Maldives marine life. At night Hudhuranfushi's sunset bar decking is light with spot light around the base of the decking. This aloes you to watch the Maldives marine life at night, you can get some great views of the black tip reef sharks (the sharks are harmless, more scared of us).

The Beach Bar is on the North side of Hudhuranfushi offering bottled water, soft drinks and canned beer. This bar is only open between 10.00 and 17.00

The Surf Bar is on the South side of Hudhuranfushi with great view of the surfers surfing the breaks.


We believe that Hudhuranfushi's entertainment is able to cater for everyone. Hudhuranfushi's entertainment dose varies each night from;
  • Local live bands.
    You can get up and have good dance, or you can sit back and enjoy
  • Traditional shows
    This is a way for you to boggy the Maldives way.
  • Fire dancing
  • Crab racing
    This is a good night for a laugh (a must see).
  • Karaoke
  • Magic show

Beach parties/Disco
This is possible my most favourite of all, Hudhuranfushi has two small man made Islands which can be seen from Hudhuranfushi's Sunset bar (they are about 50meters from the sunset bar). The little Islands were made due to the boats used to travel to and from Hudhuranfushi were having trouble moving around the sand banks along side the jetty in low tied. They came up with the idea to use the materials to make Fun-Fushi and a smaller island around 15meters from Fun-Fushi. Having done this it has created the ideal surroundings for the Maldives marine life (A good spot for snorkelling).

Fun-Fushi is used for hosting some of the beach parties and discos until early hours if you are up to it. This is good, as some people like to have a quite drink and relax on the main part of Hudhuranfushi before bed time. When we had visited the Maldives Island before they made Fun-Fushi, the discos were hosted in the bar near the pool and the music did on very few occasions disturb some guest in the rooms closest.

You have also the opportunity to book a romantic meal on the island which is usually available once a week. All on all they have really looked at the finer touches and used the best of there ideas to make Hudhuranfushi a really special and unique island within the Maldives.

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