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Rainmaker Hotel American Samoa
Pago Pago American Samoa
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Rainmaker Hotel is one of the most unusual hotels in the South Pacific. Built in the 1960's alongside a relatively nice beach on the outskirts of Pago Pago, this hotel is now owned by the government. It is located right next to the oil terminal making it impossible to sell (building insurance not obtainable) and therefore impossible to make money from and is in slow decline.
Rainmaker Hotel Pago Pago American Samoa

ACCOMMODATION: Many of the rooms are now dysfunctional but there are still pleasant enough rooms and bungalows overlooking the beach. The hotel is frequented by Government Officials on often dubious business. If you are one for novel experiences, then stay here for a few nights - you'll likely meet some interesting characters and will no doubt have a few stories to tell back home.

HOTEL FACILITIES & SERVICES: Rooms: 182 - Private Bathroom - Hot & Cold Water - Air-con / Fans - Restaurant / Bar.
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