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Guam Hotel Okura Tumon
185 Gun Beach Road, Tumon, Guam, 96911
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Tumon Bay is famous for its magnificent sunset view. The area is fronted by pristine white sand beaches and is protected by a coral reef. In the midst of this tranquility is where our Guam Hotel Okura, The Tower is located.

All rooms boast the grand space of 45 square meters and an elegant marble tiled bathroom. Various facilities are provided, such as the swimming pool and a comfortable lounge for the exclusive use of the guests at The Tower. Our restaurants proudly offer a variety of cuisine, including American and Chinese. Our staff includes a harmony of Japanese and local staff to achieve a high quality of service for all of our guests.

We are proud of our high-quality services at The Tower. You can expect to enjoy a relaxing and tranquil time with us. There is easy access on foot to DFS Galleria, Underwater World, Game Works, The Sandcastle, The Globe, Tumon Sands Plaza, and Pleasure Island, including the Plaza from The Tower.

For customer convenience, at a small fee, shuttle buses provide transport service to the Micronesia Mall, Guam Premier Outlets, Tumon Sand Plaza, and K-mart.


Guam Hotel Okura Tumon Guam

ACCOMMODATION: All the standard rooms at The Tower are spacious at 45 square meters and you are able to enjoy the panoramic ocean view from all rooms. The Tower has 17 floors and we offer 6 outstanding Presidential Suites. These Suites are situated in the luxurious 270 square meters space, with its fine choice of interior items and a breathtaking view.

Guam Hotel Okura Tumon Guam - Accommodation
Guam Hotel Okura Tumon Guam - Accommodation

HOTEL FACILITIES & SERVICES: Experience Sunflower Coffee Shop with casual dining atmosphere and enjoy the fantastic view of Tumon Bay. Enjoy Cantonese cuisine carefully prepared by our Japanese Chef. Toh-ka-lin is popular for both Tourists and Locals, price are affordable.Among popular dishes are Sauteed Lobster with Black Bean Paste and Chinese Vegetables in Garlic Sauteed.

Enjoy All You Can Eat and All You Can Drink facility in a casual barbecue atmosphere. The Ciel Bleu is reserved for exclusive use by "The Tower" guests only. Relax and enjoy the sparkling view of Tumon Bay from this venue. Library and Japanese games, such as, Sho-gi and I-go are within reach. Coffee, Beer and Tropical Drinks are available. Okura Floor & The Tower Suite guests with Gold Cards are Welcome at no costs.

Guam Hotel Okura Tumon Guam - Sunflower Coffee Shop
Guam Hotel Okura Tumon Guam - Sunflower Coffee Shop

Guam Hotel Okura Tumon Guam - Ciel Bleu
Guam Hotel Okura Tumon Guam - Toh-kalin
Guam Hotel Okura Tumon Guam - Emerald BBQ Island
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