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The Pathways Hotel Micronesia
1 Pathways Lane, Yap , Micronesia
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The Pathways Hotel has been in operation since 1991 and since then has hosted many traveler’s to Yap seeking to enjoy Yap’s culture, it’s beauty, and none the less it’s superb diving sites. The cottages are built after the traditional art of building Yapese houses called “Na'un”. We have also incorporated A/C, hot waters, refrigerators, ceiling fans, and a private verandah overlooking Chamorro bay below. There are no phones or TV in the cottages, you may use the lobby phone at anytime free of charge. For long distance phone calls we have phone cards which you can buy to make long distance calls. You can also arrange for us to have cottage service and you can have breakfast, lunch, or dinner on your verandah.

The Pathways Hotel Micronesia

ACCOMMODATION: fter Typhoon Sudal, we decided to change the design of the cottage a bit, especially on the structural part. All the legs were then rebuilt using reinforced concrete and decorated to blend in by making it look like wooden posts. They are both stronger now at the same time it retains the looks of the cottages. In your cottage you will also find a small pamphlet we have made to inform you of all the services we offer at the hotel as well as Phone numbers for taxi’s, dive shops, restaurant’s, and useful Yapese words that might be fun to use while meeting with the people in the villages. The Cottages are beautifully built with mahogany logs lashed together with bamboo and reeds, the roofing is made of nippa or others say thatch, giving you an authentic feel of a Yapese house The view of the bay below is awesome during the mornings as you sit on your porch and watch the sunrise come up.

The Pathways Hotel Micronesia - Accommodation
The Pathways Hotel Micronesia - Accommodation

RESTAURANT & BARS: Our restaurant is located right behind the front desk, it offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. We have specialty sizzling dishes, local food dinners we like to call it island dinners, and a variety of our chef’s creation. We can arrange receptions for up to 50+ people, or a picnic for two on a beach. We are flexible and want to make your dinning experience in Yap a most pleasant and enjoyable one. Our Team consists of many people with Harry and Dondon our two great Chef’s at the helm that do all the planning and arranging of menu’s, special meals, and meeting our guests. Here are some of the photo’s of our team and restuarant.

The Pathways Hotel Micronesia - Bar The Pathways Hotel Micronesia - Services The Pathways Hotel Micronesia - Restaurant
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