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Village Resort Hotel Pohnpei Micronesia
Pohnpei State, Micronesia
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The island of Pohnpei and The Village Resort Hotel - one a creation of Nature and the other of man influenced by Nature. Both lie beyond the realms of the most idealistic imagination - yet together they exist. The combination is so striking and yet so subtle that is powerful environmental message is delivered gently, eloquently, but without equivocation.

Bob and Patti Arthur, an entertaining American couple who have written themselves and their hotel into Pohnpeian folklore, built the entire considerable complex of local materials and using timeless Pohnpeian carpentry techniques. Built on and atop a steeply sloping lagoon front site, The Village Hotel is amazing in its simplicity, yet unbelievably comfortable and elegant.

The construction techniques may be rustic, primitive even, but the results - understated luxury (remembering that luxury is relative) of comfortable, individual huts built almost entirely from local materials and mostly kept level on the steep hillside by stilts on at least one corner.


Village Resort Hotel Pohnpei Micronesia

ACCOMMODATION: Your bungalow is built like the Long House. It sits on long poles in the middle of banana, elephant-ear taro, bamboo, palm trees, and lush ferns, and is reached by a black pebble path strewn with hibiscus flowers. It's situated to take full advantage of the prevailing breezes and ocean views.

There are screens all around, and a white ceiling fan whirls overhead. Every evening a gauze net is draped around each of the two queen-sized waterbeds. The wood lined shower is spacious, and has a ready supply of hot water. Victorian wicker chairs and love seats echo the South Seas feeling. Birds chirping in the nearby trees at dawn and the sounds of raindrops on the thatch roofs are thrown in free of charge.

Village Resort Hotel Pohnpei Micronesia - Accommodation
Village Resort Hotel Pohnpei Micronesia - Accommodation
Village Resort Hotel Pohnpei Micronesia - Accommodation

HOTEL FACILITIES & SERVICES: The Village Tour and Dive Service operates from the hotel grounds. The girls at the front desk will tell you about Pohnpei, and what it has to offer. They can suggest and arrange things to do.

Scuba Diving :
Pohnpei's scuba diving is one of the worlds best kept secrets! Half the beauty of Pohnpei is underwater. The dive guides will show you fish, manta rays, and sharks - on beautiful coral reefs teeming with exotic marine life in clear, warm water. Divers and snorkelers can see mantas up close almost every day.

Nan Madol :
On the all day boat tour, you'll snorkel on the reefs and eat some lunch on a deserted white sand beach.
You'll see the mysterious stone city of Nan Madol, and then walk along a river to the beautiful Kepirohi waterfall.

Kayaking :
One of the nicest ways to experience Nan Madol is from kayaks that get you to hard-to-reach places. Kayaks are also available for shallow water trips through overgrown mangrove channels or for exploring the nearby reef islands.

Waterfalls :
Kepirohi, one of Pohnpei's breathtaking waterfalls. Take a dip and your cares will vanish as if by magic.

Fishing :
Pohnpei is a fisherman's paradise. Fly fishing and casting with lures in the lagoon passes are both popular. Or try the local style of hand-lining in the open ocean for tuna, wahoo and mahi-mahi.

Village Resort Hotel Pohnpei Micronesia - Fishing
Village Resort Hotel Pohnpei Micronesia - Kayaking
Village Resort Hotel Pohnpei Micronesia - Scuba Diving
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