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Sunrise Villa Hotel Palau
Koror, Palau
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Situated on a quiet hillside overlooking Koror and its bays, Sunrise Villa is the best kept secret. And, it is only 5 minutes away from downtown Koror and all dive shops. During your visit in Palau, your days begin at Sunrise while hundreds of lush emerald islands strung together in a pellucid sapphire sea await your discovery.

At the end of your daily activities, you will always find the comfort and relaxation at Sunrise Villa which you are accustomed to at home. There is a comfortable cocktail lounge, a full service restaurant and a pool with poolbar & hot tub for you to enjoy.

It is the service at Sunrise Villa that sets us apart. Extra effort from our attentive staff is just part of the service and we will try to accommodate any special request you may have. Sunrise Villa is the perfect complement to your perfect vacation or business trip in Palau. One that you will not soon forget.

Sunrise Villa Hotel Palau - Standard Room
Sunrise Villa Hotel Palau


  • Sunrise Villa is the standard for first class acommodation in paradise. Each room is spacious and tastefully appointed to allow our guests to capture the sunrise at Sunrise over Koror. We offer two types of Standard Deluxe room; Single/Double which has one queen-size bed, ideal for a couple; the other is Double/Twin which has two queen-size beds, ideal for two couples or two individuals. We can also accommodate our guests by putting extra beds if necessary.

    Our rooms are equipped with air conditioner, telephone, cable TV, dvd player, refrigerator with minibar service, personal amenities such as bath soap, shampoo and lotion and a view no one can refuse. Room service is also available if you wish to dine in your own privacy. You may also watch movies at your leisure by renting the movies and video cassette player at our reception counter.

    Sunrise Villa is self sufficient. We have our own water supply with filtration and backup generator power to ensure your stay is as comfortable as possible.
Sunrise Villa Palau Hotel - Presidential Suite
  • Welcome to our Presidential Suite. Our presidential suite offers a list of unmatched facilities that will definitely make you feel at home. To start with, there is a private bedroom and there are two beds; a king-size bed and a queen-size bed. The presidential suite also features a full-size kitchen and bar area. Let's not forget about the hot tub that is just for you and your guest during your stay at Sunrise Villa.
    The presidential suite is equipped with air conditioner, telephone, cable TV and included, is the video casette player. Movies of course, are available at our reception counter.

Sunrise Villa Palau Hotel - Presidential Suite

Presidential Suite. An afternoon view from our suite. This is the spectacular afternoon view of Koror's Lagoon from our suite. Aside from our presidential suite, Sunrise Villa also has Executive Suite and the Cabanas. The executive suite is quite similar to the presidential suite. It offers a separate bedroom with two queen-size beds. It also has a full-size kitchen with a bar area. There is however, no hot tub in our executive suite.

RESTAURANT: Larry's Bistro. Larry's Bistro is our in-house, full service restaurant. We specialize in Italian, American and local cuisine. We also have the best domestic and imported wine selection here.

You can enjoy the fabulous view of the ocean and lagoon right where you are. With excellent service and a variety of cuisine, there is no doubt why Larry's Bistro is the best restaurant in Palau.
Palau Sunrise Villa Hotel - Restaurant

BAR: Larry's Bar. At Larry's Bar, you will find wide selection of cocktail drinks, beers, and wine. There is also a wide choice of hand-rolled premium cigars available at the bar humidor while you enjoy the panoramic view of the Koror Lagoon or catch a game on our wide screen TV.

Appetizers are also served at the bar. It's the perfect place to end your fun-filled day and relax while the evening sets in. Don't forget, Palau's only Italian restaurant is right above you which is where we are going next - Larry's Bistro.
Sunrise Villa Hotel Palau - Bar

FACILITIES: Welcome to Larry's Pool and its facilities. Out here, you can see the beautiful blue sky that hovers over Palau, embrace the breeze of the Koror Lagoon and the warmth of Palau's sun. Right in front of us is our beautifully tiled pool with crystal clear water that is nestled into the hillside and garden.

Within the vicinity, there is Larry's Pool Bar on your right, a full service bar where you can enjoy cold beer, premium hand-rolled cigars and stereo surrond sound music. Larry's Pool Bar is also a full menu service bar where you can enjoy the same fabulous cuisine from Larry's Bistro.
Sunrise Villa Palau Hotel - Swimming Pool

Directly ahead is the patio and garden terrace with nooks which is where we are going right now.

Palau Sunrise Villa Hotel - Garden Terrace Our patio/garden terrace offers the relaxation when you have done enough of sightseeing and diving in Palau. There are lounge chairs for you to use while you enjoy the marvelous view of the lagoon and the superb selection of our cold beers and premium drinks.

There is simply no better way to have a more relaxed environment whether you are on vacation or a business trip.

Sunrise Villa Palau Hotel - Facilities An intimate setting by the hot tub. This is our 10-person outdoor hot tub. Not only can you relax in the warm bubbly water, the amazing view of Koror's Lagoon is always in sight, creating a very intimate setting for you and your guest.

The hot tub is situated next to Larry's Pool Bar. There are indoor showers and restrooms for your convenience.
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