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The Carolines Resort Palau
Koror, Republic of Palu
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Experience the intimacy of the Carolines Resort. Enjoy your own private bungalow, inspired by Palau's centuries old architecture, with all the comforts expected by the sophisticated traveler. Air-conditioning, private bath, cable TV/VCR and mini bar are all a part of the Carolines experience. At the end of the day a stunning sunset awaits you on your balcony, overlooking Palau's magnificent Rock Islands.
The Carolines Resort Palau

ACCOMMODATION: Our beautiful bungalows are modeled after traditional Palauan architecture. We have handcrafted these wonderful structures using local materials such as bamboo, mahogany, and mangrove.

Each bungalow has its own private balcony that's perfect for enjoying our spectacular view, reading a good book, having a good chat or sipping a glass of wine while enjoying a fabulous sunset from your bungalow.

The Carolines Resort Palau - Hilltop Bungalows

Resort The Carolines Palau - Interior Bungalow Our bungalows may seem rustic from the outside, but each bungalow is equipped with air conditioning, TV and VCR, refrigerator, minibar and private bathroom; all the conveniences you've come to expect from a resort.

One of the comments that we hear the most from our visitors and locals alike is that we have the best view on the island. Be our guest and come check it out for yourself. We hope you'll agree!

Our Spectacular View

One of the comments that we hear the most from our visitors and locals alike is that we have the best view on the island. Be our guest and come check it out for yourself. We hope you'll agree!
The Carolines Resort Palau - View from the Bungalow

See the beautiful Philippine Sea, the world famous Rock Islands and Ulong Island all from your own private balcony. Your private balcony is the perfect place to sit and relax and enjoy watching the day slip away, enjoy reading a good book or the company of someone special to you.

It's a beautiful view by day, but when the sun begins to set its absolutely breathtaking. You'll enjoy watching the sunset from your balcony.
The Carolines Palau Resort - View from the Bungalow

DINING: The Carolines Resort has a wide variety of breakfasts for our guests to choose from. You can enjoy your breakfast in your bungalow on the back deck of Pacific Treasures or on the front deck of our lobby.

The Carolines Resort Palau - Dining Room Palau has many fantastic restaurants. Our guests choices in great food include local, Japanese, Chinese, American, Italian, Thai, Korean and Mexican. All of which are located a short drive from the resort.


SCUBA Diving
Palau is blessed with some of the world's best diving. Experience the sites that make Palau one of the top dive destinations in the world: the sharks of Blue Corner, the manta rays of Devilfish City and German Channel, and the coral reefs and stunning drop-offs teeming with marine life. There are also over a dozen WWI I wrecks, Jellyfish Lake, and Palau's beautiful marine lakes, all for your exploration.

Palau  Scuba Diving

Palau's many beautiful Rock Islands are the perfect site for a kayaking adventure. Carefully choreographed trips have the right mix of paddling, exploration and snorkeling to make it a day to remember for everyone.
Palau Kayaking

Fishing in Palau is a culturally engrained sport. Marlin, tuna, giant trevally, wahoo, mahi-mahi and more are just waiting to get hooked. As us more about the options available to you.
Palau  Sport Fishing

Local Tours
Palau is covered with many natural and cultural beauties for you to enjoy. Allow us to arrange for a local guide to take you to some of these places and introduce you to Palauan culture.

Take a boat ride through Palau's beautiful Rock Islands. Enjoy many unique snorkeling sports and have your lunch on a secluded beach. The perfect way to spend a quiet day relaxing and enjoying the natural beauty of Palau.
Palau Rock Island

Take a trip into downtown Koror and do some shopping or go to the museum or senior citizen's center for some hand-made goodies. Go the post office and pick up some of Palau's unique stamps.

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