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Saipan Hotels and Resorts

Saipan - The island of SAIPAN is the capital of the Northern Marianas Island group. It has a total land area of only 73 square km (46.5 square miles) which consists of a volcanic core surrounded by younger limestone formations. With over 22 km (14 miles) of beach, the island is the most popular destination for travellers in the Marianas. Saipan is a modern, well-developed island with all the amenities of a tropical resort area. The island of Managaha off Saipan's western shore is preserved for cultural and recreational purposes. With an average year round temperature is 85 degrees, and annual rainfall averaging approx. 80 inches, vacationers will find that a good time can be had any time during the year. The sun shines year round, except for the rainy season which runs from July through November, where a sunny days cannot be guaranteed. Beginning in December and running through March, these islands are cooled slightly as the northeast trade winds bring comfortable breezes to the islands.

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