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Jerusalem Hotel
Nablus Road, POBox 19130, Jerusalem, Israel
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The Jerusalem Hotel is a family managed hotel with a personal and friendly service. It has been in the Saadeh family since 1960. A great deal of effort has been exerted to care for the smallest details producing a differentiated and distiguished property providing the utmost for the discerning guest.

Jerusalem Hotel Jerusalem Israel

=The Jerusalem Hotel is situated in an old Arab mansion originally built by a fuedal lord in the heart of the ancient city of Jerusalem. The authentic Arab architecture of the last century has been retained and accentuated in the arched windows, high ceilings, cool stone flagging and secluded vine garden. The thick stone walls cut from creamy Jerusalem stone, have been exposed and pointed with traditional Arabic plaster.

The hotel has undergone a series of renovations since 1991 and is carefully refurbished with arabesque furniture. Rooms and lounges are timelessly decorated with antiques adding an eastern oriental inspiration leading the imagination of guests into the wonders of Jerusalem's vast history.

There are two original eating areas in the hotel. The Garden patio is designed to simulate a Palestinian village by emphasizing a variety of features. The most important being the grape pergola, which provides a natural refuge from the city clamor. The second area is designed to simulate a bedouin setting and is situated in a 300 years old cellar distinguished by its arched ceiling. Local and international dishes are served daily either as a full meal or a snack at reasonable prices.

The Jerusalem Hotel caters to a wide variety of guests with very diverse backgrounds. However, it is most popular among the cultural and professional circles as it offers a rich ambience of history, music and traditions.

Since the hotel is located not more than 100 meters from the famous Damascus Gate, guests can wander among a remarkable number of historical and religious sites, stroll along the city rampart at sunset, or browse bustling markets.

ACCOMMODATION: All furniture is carefully handcarved with formations inspired by early Islamic and Andalucian designs. Each bed, closet, bureau, mirror, chair and side table offer additional details that further differentiate each room. All rooms have private facilities providing twenty four hour comfort to guests. All rooms have two seperate telephone lines, which is particularly handy for those occupying one of the lines for internet or fax use.

All rooms have a satellite television that includes a 24 hour movie channel, TVLand, MTV, CNN and others. Video machines are available upon request.

There is no electrical air conditioning in the rooms except for a ceiling fan. However, because of the thickness of the walls (about 90 cm) and the height of the ceiling (over 4 meters), the rooms maintain quite a comfortable temperature during summer. A central heating system maintains a warm and pleasant temperature during winter.

Room balconies overlook the Mount of Olives, the Old City, the Holy Sepulchre, the Lutheran Church, the Dome of the Rock, the Russian Compound and other historic sites.
Jerusalem Hotel Jerusalem Israel - Accommodation

HOTEL FACILITIES & SERVICES: Being a small hotel, our staff is sensitive to the needs of our guests. We offer adequate and convenient facilities for people with a variety of interests and backgrounds.

Some of these facilities include:
Fax machine usage
Copy machine usage
Word processing and printing
Internet access and e-mail
Car Rental
Mobile Phone Rental
Travel Arrangements
Secretarial services
Laundry services

The Garden restaurant is an ideal place to relax, sip a cup of coffee, have a snack or enjoy a full Palestinian meal. The design aspects of the garden simulate a traditional Palestinian village. The trickling sound of the water spring and the airy shade of the "Vine" pergola draw guests into a unique and comfortable ambience. Guests can enjoy fresh grapes directly from the tree during the picking season of August and September. Some guests may be lucky to taste the delicious fruits of the Locwat tree during April and May.

During the summer season (April - November) the Garden of the Jerusalem Hotel becomes a hive for friends meeting or strangers getting acquainted.

The Bedouin "Diwan" is the indoor restaurant of the Jerusalem Hotel. The architecture and history date back several hundred years when it was probably used as a stable for horses or sheep.

Modeled after a typical bedouin setting, the restaurant's design is both abstract and subtle. The arched ceilings are handpainted in colors inspired by the mood during the Gulf War in 1991 when the restaurant was first opened.

Guests can enjoy a full Palestinian meal here, and in the summer it is ideal for special gatherings and parties of up to 40 people.

Jerusalem Hotel Jerusalem Israel - Reception
Jerusalem Hotel Jerusalem Israel - Lounge
Jerusalem Hotel Jerusalem Israel - Bedioun Restaurant
Jerusalem Hotel Jerusalem Israel - Garden Patio Restaurant
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