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Qatar Hotels and Resorts

Qatar - A small peninsula jutting out from the mass of land that is mostly Saudi Arabia, is visited by a lot of Europeans, who go there for the unspoiled beaches, duty-free shopping, nice hotels and exploration of the semi-arid desert. The crime rate is low, which is another attraction. Although Quatar is a Muslim state, the Al Thani clan rulers allow women to go without the veil, and to drive. In March, 1999, there was a municipal election, the first election ever held. Quite a few women ran for office; none won, but some are saying they are going to run again in the upcoming national elections. Ninety per cent of the population of this country lives in the capital city of Doha. Quatar has a high living standard, with free education and healthcare. There is no income tax, and the government guarantees jobs for high school graduates, and finances students to study abroad. Quatar is therefore one of the tamer Middle Eastern countries that makes an interesting travel destination, although not a cheap one.

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