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One & Only Royal Mirage Dubai - The Palace
Jumeirah Dubai, Dubai (UAE)
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One&Only Royal Mirage pays tribute to Arabian architecture and hospitality on a truly regal scale. Considered the most stylish resort on Jumeira Beach, it comprises three equally distinctive properties, the original hotel - The Palace - and now Arabian Court and Residence & Spa.

Already a landmark in Dubai, The Palace of One&Only Royal Mirage is joined by two new and equally beautiful developments - The Arabian Court and The Residence & Spa nestled in 60 acres of landscaped gardens, where the clear blue water laps the beach and palm trees sway in the sea breeze.

The Palace at One&Only Royal Mirage sits on a private beach offering rich leisure facilities. Temperature controlled swimming pools, water-sports center, tennis courts, golf putting green, children’s care center and most importantly a tranquil haven for rest and relaxation. The Palace has an outstanding array of dining venues, and the Royal Ballroom caters for up to 350 guests and three further meeting rooms offer a complete business solution.

Leisure Facilities
One and Only Royal Mirage The Palace Swimmingpool One and Only Royal Mirage The Palace Swimmingpool One and Only Royal Mirage The Palace Givenchy Spa One and Only Royal Mirage The Palace Spa
One and Only Royal Mirage The Palace Spa One and Only Royal Mirage The Palace Beach One and Only Royal Mirage The Palace Water Sports One and Only Royal Mirage The Palace Water Sports
One and Only Royal Mirage The Palace Tennis One and Only Royal Mirage The Palace Fishing One and Only Royal Mirage The Palace Safari One and Only Royal Mirage The Palace Horse Racing
One and Only Royal Mirage The Palace Horse Racing One and Only Royal Mirage The Palace KIds Only

Spa and Fitness
The Health and Beauty Institute, designed to reflect the spirit of the Orient with towering domes and carved arches, features the Givenchy Spa, a traditional Oriental Hammam, Hair Salon and Fitness Center.
Givenchy Spa

To meet the Givenchy standards of excellence, the Spa provides elegant health and beauty facilities and exclusive private treatment rooms staffed by highly-trained professionals.
Beauty is no longer a ploy used in the art of seduction, it is very essence of charm, sophistication ad elegance; it is synonymous with simplicity and subtlety. Beauty is not merely skin-deep, it seems from an inner sense of a well being. Taking care of oneself and being concerned for one's well- being are centrally to Givenchy's philosophy. A philosophy which aspires to the pursuit of harmony and self fulfillment through cosmetic products.


Preparatory Treatment: Deep Cleansing Facial
This deep cleansing facial is suitable for all skin types. Using Swisscare for Givenchy products, your face is cleansed and gently exfoliated, removing a dull surfaces skin cells. While your skin is being warmed by gentle massage movements and steaming, some extraction are gently performed. Finally, the skin is nourished with the Swisscare mask that is best suited to your skin type, The treatment oxygenates the skin, stimulates microcirculation and revitalizes the complexion.
Fundamental Care: Revitalizing and Rejuvenating Facial
This luxurious facial restore the tone and vitality of your skin, leaving it radiant and glowing. The skin is cleansed and misted before being massaged with a Regenerating Massage Cream. The Swisscare Fundamental Care for Givenchy is applied with high frequency before the application of a collagen mask. The result is a soothing of the skin with definite reduction in lines and wrinkles.
Relaxing Facial
This relaxing facial treatments starts with cleansing and misting, the is followed by a gentle massage of the face, neck and shoulders with Swisscare Massage Cream. A deeply hydrating mask is applied, leaving your features relaxed and the skin soft, supple and re-hydrated.
Intensive Firming Care
Cleansing and misting are followed by the application of the Swisscare Lifting Double Sequence and a high-frequency treatment. An acupressure point massage is performed in the face, and to help relaxation, hand and feet massages compliments the treatment. Ideal for stressed, lax or tired skin, the immediate smoothing and firming effects leaven your skin looking youthful and restored.
Lymphatic Facial
This treatment detoxifies tissues , equalize circulation of lymphatic fluids and relaxes the whole face, neck and shoulder. By balancing the circulation of the lymphatic system via elimination of toxins diluted in the blood, this treatment allows a rapid regeneration of the whole body. It also drains sinuses and all epidermis of your face with the simulation of the lymphatic system.


Swedish Massage
Classical European Massage using long strokes and kneading to the superficial layers of muscles. This soothing massage helps to improve circulation, ease muscle aches and tension, and improve flexibility and enhancing relaxation.
Slimming Massage
Givenchy Body Shaping Massage Cream is delicately applied to your skin, using stretching and rolling techniques. This massage breaks down fat accumulations and effectively reduces the appearance of cellulite as well as leaving your body in state of total relaxation.
Sport Massage
The sport massage is a deep vigorous massage using compression and stretching movements. With the use of carefully blended oils, your therapist's hands will focus on relieving tense and painful muscles.
Relaxing Massage
A soothing non-therapeutic massage, focused on creating overall relaxation of your body. Swisscare for Givenchy Relaxing Massage Cream is generously applied to the body in gentle sweeping movements leaving you feeling totally relaxed.
Four Hand Massage
Conceived like a real concerto, four hands move harmoniously on the body in perfect synchronization. All muscles relax simultaneously and your spirit awakens to the subtle fragrances of the Ylang-Ylang extract.
Foot Reflexology
Thumb and finger pressure is applied to reflex pressure points on your feet corresponding to specific areas of the body. Reflexology improves circulation and functioning of the body areas affected by such reflex zones.
Lymphatic Drainage
This light massage provokes cellular regeneration throughout the body, especially in areas with concentration of lymph codex. It boots circulation of the lymphatic system and helps eliminates toxins while acting favorably against cellulite, various edermata and the feeling of heaviness in the legs.
Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Massage
The ancient art of aromatherapy is beneficial to the senses as a well as the body thorough healing\, beauty-enhancing and soothing properties of essential oils. The specific benefits of this massage rely on the careful selection of such oil under the guidance of your therapist.
The Canyon Love Stone Therapy
The smooth, pure and warm surfaces of stone glide effortlessly over your body. The gentle deep movements create a feeling of total relaxation and well being. This massage rebalances energies, detoxifies tissues, and with the attention of cold stones, relieves muscular tensions. The combination of the beneficial stones collected in rivers of the American West, with draining oil especially formulated by Givenchy, provide an extremely memorable treatment.

Body Treats

Body Scrub
A complete exfoliating session using Swisscare for Givenchy Body Exfoliating Cream , applied by hand massage and soft natural bristle brushes, that eliminates dead surface skin cells, impurities and roughness. Circulation is immediately improved and your skin is moisturized, leaving it soft and renewed.
Exclusively Givenchy
The Givenchy signature treatment is the ultimate combination of body therapies that have beautifully combined to soothe, regenerate and re-hydrate your body. The three treatments leave your skin replenished and renewed whilst reviving your body and soul.
1. Body scrub to exfoliate and oxygenate.
2. Bathing with specially selected Givenchy oil to rejuvenate your skin.
3. Hydrating wrap - the body is covered with Sewisscare Moisturizing Bath, providing a spectacular re-hydration of the epidermis, while lying on a water bed which massages you by means of multiple pressure jets, resulting in macular relaxation and release tension.
Hydrating Body Wrap
Lying on a waterbed, the body is coated in Swisscare Moisturizing Bath Cream for Givenchy, the wrapped. During this process , multiple pressure jets massage your body to achieve mascularrelazation and release of tension.
Hydrotherapy Massages
The warm water of the hydro-bath is scented with specific Givenchy oil and the body is massaged by powerful and soothing water jets.
Pressure Therapy
While lying on a warm bed, the lower body is gently massaged with the ease of Swisscare for Givenchy Leg Shaper and inflatable pads to create a refreshing calming and totally soothing sensation. Your blood circulation is greatly improved at the specific inflatable pads help to reduce water retention.
Herbal Body Wrap
This aromatic herbal treatment consists of wrapping your body in towels that have been soaked in a solution of natural herbs, selected by Givenchy for their complemented by a toning massage using Givenchy oils, ensuring relaxation and re-energizing of your body.
Hammam and Spa
The Hammam & Spa is architecturally impressive and reminiscent of the great buildings of the region. Towering domes, carved arches and the intricate design, captures the values of the environs and ensures each experience is totally distinctive and ceremonial.
The Hammam offers a service that is dedicated to nurturing beauty and the pursuit of well being. The traditional and authentic 'Oriental' Hammam offers massage, steam baths, and Jacuzzi's within a serene resting area.
The services of the Fitness Studio include an exercise and private massage rooms.


Pool and Beach

The resort has its own extensive private beach on the Arabian Gulf. There are impressive temperature-controlled swimming pools at each hotel.

Water Sports
Watersports include sailing, Hobiecats, kayaking, windsurfing, water-skiing, fishing, scuba and snorkeling.
Improve your game day or night on the three floodlit tennis courts.
A variety of world-class golfing exists just minutes away from One&Only Royal Mirage. Dubai is the fastest growing destination in the golfing world. Home to the prestigious PGA Desert Classic, the city boasts five spectacular courses to challenge and delight golfers of all abilities.
Minutes from Royal Mirage is Emirates Golf Club, featuring the world-class Majlis course, which at 7,100 yards will challenge even the most accomplished golfer. It's sister, the rolling Wadi course also provides a memorable challenge with stunning desert and water hazards ensuring an unforgettable game.
Other nearby courses include Dubai Creek Club, Nad Al Sheba Club, Jebel Ali Golf Resort and The Montgomerie.
An abundance of sailfish, kingfish, tuna and bonito in the waters of the Gulf set the stage for exciting deep-sea fishing excursions.
Desert Safari
No trip to Dubai would be complete without an adventurous Desert Safari.
Horse Racing
Home to the world's richest horserace, Nad Al Sheba is just minutes away and a sure bet for an unforgettable evening.
Dubai is one of the worlds shopping capitals - from gold to electronics to designer fashion you're sure to find what you're looking for and that which you can't live without.
Kids Only
KidsOnly is imaginative fun for kids ages 2 to 11. Children are escorted to 'Al Koufa' a magical fortress that boasts both indoor and outdoor exploration. Set amidst the rolling landscape and palm trees, the natural shade and comprehensive indoor arena allows children to play in safe and stimulating surroundings.
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